Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Nanjing Polytechnic Institute & Study in njcc

Admission Information

I. Admission Requirements

1. Academic record equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate or above;

2. Capacity of language learning and communication in English; Students holding HSK third level or above certificate are preferred;

3. Interests in Chinese culture, society and economy;

4. Good self-discipline and interpersonal skills for independent living and studying;

5. Financial support from family or other organizations;

6. Being in good health.

II. Academic Schedule

Study Duration: 3 years, and 2 semesters a year;

Spring Semester: March to June, July and August for summer vocation;

Autumn Semester: September to December, January and February for Winter vocation.

Time for Classes: 8:20am-3:10pm (45mins per section).

III. Application and Admission (deadline: 15th. July.2016)

1. Candidates need to ask for the NJPI Overseas Student Application Form and Foreigner Physical Examination Form from Admission officer of NJPI.

2. Candidates submit his documents to admission officers by whom all the documents will be submitted to NJPI Administration Office (all the documents will not be returned). Documents required include:

● NJPI Overseas Student Application Form (original form);

● Foreigner Physical Examination Form;

● Photocopy of valid passport;

● Photocopy of Diploma or Certificate to prove the schooling background and experience;

● 2 passport-sized photos;

● Additional documents which can prove the applicant’s comprehensive ability, such as awarding certificate, admission notice of other university, etc.

● HSK Certificate.

3. If you are accepted, we will send you NJPI Admission Letter and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) within 3 weeks after the application deadline.

4. The successful applicant goes to Embassy of People’s Republic of China with the NJPI Admission Letter to apply student visa(X) or visitor visa(F) for those who only stay for less than 6 months.

5. Successful applicants should bring their NJPI Admission Letter, Foreigner Physical Examination Form (original) (this form only valid for 6 months, we suggest applicants do the check-up in MAY) and their JW202 Form to International Education School. Those who could not enroll on time are required to go through the extension procedure.

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